Brand Echh: E-Man #6

E-MAN was a short-lived but well-remembered (and often revived) Charlton title of the early 1970s, representing a last gasp on the part of that firm to establish a presence in the super hero marketplace. E-Man was a bit of a throwback character, crafted in the mold of Plastic Man or Captain Marvel. A super hero … Continue reading Brand Echh: E-Man #6


I'm pretty certain that my grandmother had brought this comic for me. I had thoughtlessly begun to badger her during the week to look for specific issues that I was interested in reading in the stores out her way, and she accommodated for a short period of time, before eventually just lying and saying that … Continue reading BHOC: SHOWCASE #96


Another book that came in the Modern Comics 3-Packs that I bought that day at Two Guys was this issue of E-MAN, reprinted from the earlier Charlton printing. Like many of the Charlton covers of this era, it had a painted cover, this one by he series artist Joe Staton. I wasn’t a big fan … Continue reading BHOC: E-MAN #9