Brand Echh – Magic Agent #1

The American Comics Group was a regular fixture on comic book racks from the 1940s all the way through to the end of the 1960s. The firm specialized in short one-off supernatural mystery anthologies, with a smattering of humor title and the occasional foray into adventure series. What ACG really wasn't interested in for the … Continue reading Brand Echh – Magic Agent #1

The First and Last of Herbie

Herbie Popnecker was introduced in a short one-off story that originally saw print in FORBIDDEN WORLDS #73. It was intended as a throwaway tale, one more short strange adventure to fill the pages of the anthology series. But the story and the character proved popular with readers, and creator Richard Hughes subsequently brought him back … Continue reading The First and Last of Herbie

Brand Echh: Herbie #8

It's been a while since we looked in on ol' Herbie--so here's another classic story, the origin of his costumed identity as the Fat Fury. This story was produced in the midst of the super hero craze set off by the Batman television show in 1966, which suddenly made costumed crusaders a topic of conversation … Continue reading Brand Echh: Herbie #8

Brand Echh – Herbie #14

One of the most memorable and idiosyncratic characters of the silver age of comics was Herbie Popnecker. Herbie started out as the star of a single one-off mystery/supernatural story, but proved so popular with the readership of the American Comics Group that he was brought back time and time again, and eventually gained his own … Continue reading Brand Echh – Herbie #14

Brand Echh – Adventures Into The Unknown #154

The American Comics Group was a regular presence on the nation;s newsstands from the mid-1940s through to the close of the 1960s. They did a wide variety of comic books with their own unique flavor--but the one genre that they mostly avoided was super heroes. Editor and main writer Richard Hughes reportedly had little interest … Continue reading Brand Echh – Adventures Into The Unknown #154