Lee & Kirby: More Thoughts on FANTASTIC FOUR #1

I recently got an e-mail from Glen David Gold, the fine writer and Kirby enthusiast, who had a few additional thoughts about FANTASTIC FOUR #1 and how it may have been put together. We ended up corresponding a bit dissecting these questions, and so with Glen's permission, I'm going to post some of that correspondence … Continue reading Lee & Kirby: More Thoughts on FANTASTIC FOUR #1


Gil Kane once cited this cover to MIGHTY MARVEL WESTERN as his favorite of all the covers he’d ever drawn. And despite the copy- and trade dress-heavy upper half, it’s easy to see why. It’s an intriguing angle to take, the reflection of the gunslinger who has the drop on Rawhide in the pool of … Continue reading Great Covers – MIGHTY MARVEL WESTERN #44

Great Covers – RAWHIDE KID #39

Nothing about the size relationships on this RAWHIDE KID cover by Jack Kirby makes any sense–but the cover works anyway, because it’s about a giant ape hoisting the Kid over its head! Rawhide is perfectly framed by the yellow background, and the light grey of the tiny town also causes the ape to pop. Me, … Continue reading Great Covers – RAWHIDE KID #39