Lost Crossover: MASTER COMICS #41

It's one of the great mysteries of the Golden Age of Comics why, after the Justice Society of America proved to be so popular in the pages of ALL-STAR COMICS, other publishers didn't attempt to put together their own teams of costumed crime-fighters to compete with it. There was really only DC's own Seven Soldiers … Continue reading Lost Crossover: MASTER COMICS #41


Continuing on with more comics that I bought as back issues on my first trip to Bush's Hobbies in Ronkonkoma. I don't believe that I had any idea that INVADERS had debuted in a Giant-Size issue first, but when I came across this beauty in the bins, I had to have it. As I've said … Continue reading BHOC: GIANT-SIZE INVADERS #1

Great Covers: MASTER COMICS #29

I haven't posted one of these in a long time, but this cover is just too good not to share. It's the work of Mac Raboy, the regular artist on Captain Marvel Jr. and the subject of a recent biographical book put out by TwoMorrows. And it's a scream. The expression on Hitler's face in … Continue reading Great Covers: MASTER COMICS #29

Great Covers – MASTER COMICS #27

Another great of the golden age, Mac Raboy produced beautiful, illustrative covers that seemed realistic enough that they were simply more plausible than most of everything else that was on the racks. This MASTER COMICS cover is a fine example, embodying the spirit of patriotism and righteous vengeance that most American citizens felt in the … Continue reading Great Covers – MASTER COMICS #27

Great Covers – MASTER COMICS #16

It’s almost got more of a feeling of the flavor of World War One than the then-current WWII conflict, but this cover to MASTER COMICS #16 is another great example of the bold and clean simplicity of some of the early comic book covers. This piece is credited to Charles Sultan. That bold yellow-orange background … Continue reading Great Covers – MASTER COMICS #16