Brand Echh: Eclipse Magazine #7

As the Direct Market opened up at the beginning of the 1980s, a deluge of new publishers rushed in to ply their wares before this new dedicated comics-dedicated audience. One of the earliest companies in this period was Eclipse, founded by brothers Jan and Dean Mullaney. They had started out as publishers by printing Don … Continue reading Brand Echh: Eclipse Magazine #7


THE MASKED MAN #1 December, 1984 Much like its fellow Eclipse title, ZOT!, I didn’t start reading THE MASKED MAN until after the series had gone on hiatus. And, like ZOT!, I picked up a set of the run to date at one of CAPTAIN BLUE HEN’s annual “fill-a-box-of-back-issues” sales, and so was ready and … Continue reading BHOCOS: THE MASKED MAN #1