I'm pretty sure that this issue of CAPTAIN AMERICA came out of the same 3-Bag as yesterday's issue of INVADERS. It represents, among other things, my first real exposure to the writing of Jack Kirby. I had read a few Kirby stories before--an issue of KAMANDI several years earlier, a reprint of a Golden Age … Continue reading BHOC: CAPTAIN AMERICA #206


I think it must have been the fact that this was another Giant reprint comic that got me to pick up this issue of DC SUPER-STARS, as I wasn’t reading comics for science fiction at this point so much as I was for super heroes. On the other hand, the combination of an Adam Strange lead … Continue reading BHOC: DC SUPER-STARS #6

Great Covers – KAMANDI #23

Another Jack Kirby cover, this one for his KAMADI series from the early 1970s. This piece just screams for attention. The shark-as-monster who dominates the image to the inclusion of virtually everything else is powerful enough, but the fact that he speaks, and his line is at once so obtuse and yet also so provocative, … Continue reading Great Covers – KAMANDI #23

Great Covers – KAMANDI #20

Another Jack Kirby piece, this KAMANDI cover really shouldn’t work at all–and yet it does. The tiny figure of the hero with his back towards the camera, lots of dead space and only sparse wreckage to give it all a sense of place. But the two bits of Kirby cover copy cement the whole piece … Continue reading Great Covers – KAMANDI #20