5BC: Would You Believe Five More Forgotten DC Retcons

If there's one thing that DC has loved to do over the years, it's to explore strange story avenues and then abandon them. In some ways, that's become their history ever since CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS--it feels that you can't go but a few years anymore until everything you've read is thrown out and they … Continue reading 5BC: Would You Believe Five More Forgotten DC Retcons


The next comic I bought at my local 7-11 was the next issue of TEEN TITANS. This particular era of the series is pretty maligned–the story goes that it sold well enough, but new publisher Jenette Kahn was so embarrassed by the content that she cancelled the series anyway. I’ve always been skeptical about this … Continue reading BHOC: TEEN TITANS #48


I had missed the first issue of the TEEN TITANS revival, and I skipped the second (though i recall seeing it on the stands at the time–there must have been other books that I wanted more) but with this issue I finally took the plunge. Kid Flash’s prominent placement probably didn’t hurt. It must be … Continue reading BHOC: TEEN TITANS #46


This issue of BATMAN FAMILY featured the culmination of writer Bob Rozakis’ short Joker’s Daughter mystery, a storyline that would hereafter continue into the pages of TEEN TITANS. I picked this one up at my usual 7-11 back in the day–I was a regular reader of the series at this point, the only Batman title … Continue reading BHOC: BATMAN FAMILY #9


I had missed an issue of BATMAN FAMILY, but was back for the next one that I saw, issue #8. Shrinking page counts on the reprint books were beginning to take their toll on the series–apart from the full-length all-new Robin story, there were only two other reprinted tales in the issue, one featuring co-star … Continue reading BHOC: BATMAN FAMILY #8


Another issue of BATMAN FAMILY bought at my usual 7-11. This issue once again featured separate stories for Batgirl and Robin rather than a team-up tale. It was also the first comic I bought that carried the special Bicentennial banner that had been promoted for a month or so–if you bought 25 of them and … Continue reading BHOC: BATMAN FAMILY #6