The Last Plastic Man Story

The recent series I did on how reprinted Plastic Man stories were altered by the Comics Code got me thinking about when the last original Golden Age Plastic Man story might have been done. So I did some quick research, and now I present it for your entertainment. It was in PLASTIC MAN #52 cover-dated … Continue reading The Last Plastic Man Story

Your Comics Code at Work – Plastic Man #63 pt. 3

Finishing up our look at the three Plastic man stories reprinted in PLASTIC MAN #63 in 1956 after the advent of the Comics Code, and how they were edited and modified to pass muster so that they didn't destroy the moral foundations of society's youth the way the original printings had. Here's the final story, … Continue reading Your Comics Code at Work – Plastic Man #63 pt. 3

Your Comics Code at Work – Plastic Man #63 pt 2

All three of the stories presented in PLASTIC MAN #63 in 1956 were reprints of earlier Plas adventures. And all three of them ran up against problems withe the relatively new Comics Code, requiring them to make revisions. Obviously, these revisions were imperative to prevent the sort of chaos and murder that was generated when … Continue reading Your Comics Code at Work – Plastic Man #63 pt 2

Your Comics Code At Work – Plastic Man #63

The Comics Code was introduced in 1955 and marked a sea change for the comic book industry. In an attempt to stave off concerns that comics were warping the young minds who were reading them (to say nothing of the minds of the many adults who would occasionally peruse one) the industry created the Comics … Continue reading Your Comics Code At Work – Plastic Man #63


As I think I've spoken about in the past, I came from a family of readers. Both my father and my mother would read books regularly, and it was this love of reading that helped make it acceptable and unquestioned that I had an interest in comic books--they understood that reading was reading. And so … Continue reading BHOC: THE COMIC-BOOK BOOK


Pretty sure that this was another book that was initially bought by my brother Ken. I wasn’t particularly a fan of this run of PLASTIC MAN, though I appreciate it a lot more today as an adult. But as a kid, I had that same insecurity that so many fans experience at one point or … Continue reading BHOC: PLASTIC MAN #17


I can remember buying this issue of Plastic Man at my regular 7-11, but I have no idea what possessed me to select this comic that week. Certainly, it’s a more typical and genuine jeopardy-laden cover image than one would usually expect to see on a PLASTIC MAN comic. It could simply be that I … Continue reading BHOC: PLASTIC MAN #15