Brand Echh – The Heap #1

There really wasn't a lousier time to try to start up a new color comic book line than the very early 1970s, but this didn't stop Skywald. Skywald was a joint venture of Israel Waldman, who had previously been behind the I.W./Super comics line of unauthorized golden age reprint titles distributed directly to department stores … Continue reading Brand Echh – The Heap #1

Great Covers – CLUE COMICS v2 #1

I have no idea who the artist was on this issue of CLUE COMICS, but the image is super-cool and dramatic, even if some of it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. That shadow in the foreground, for example. Nonetheless, by filling up the picture plane with that horrified face, and centering the colors … Continue reading Great Covers – CLUE COMICS v2 #1

Great Covers – AIRBOY v6 #6

This is a pretty great cover to AIRBOY v6 #6, 1949(the AIRBOY series ran in volumes, restarting every year, rather than continuous numbers.) It’s a story cover, and it does a pretty good job of making the viewer curious as to what the deal is with that flower that one man will give anything to … Continue reading Great Covers – AIRBOY v6 #6