My brother Ken was still picking up the occasional war comic, and I have a memory of this one coming home from the supermarket one day. DC's Dollar Comics initiative did make inroads into my local supermarket, at least for a while, so on that level it was a success. Even as a kid, I … Continue reading BHOC: G.I. COMBAT #206


My brother Ken was still on his war comic kick, and so this issue of G.I.COMBAT came into the house, eventually to wind up in my possession. In the 1970s, particularly at DC, there was still a robust publishing plan for genres apart from super heroes: war comics, western comics, romance comics (although those were … Continue reading BHOC: G.I.COMBAT #199


This next comic was definitely bought for my brother Ken. There was a period of about a year where he was interested in war comics, and bought a small bunch of them. At that stage, I really had no interest in war comics, or war in general, and so I didn’t pay them much mind, … Continue reading BHOC: G.I.COMBAT #197