Forgotten Masterpiece: PRIZE COMICS #24

We've talked before recently about how, despite the success of the Justice Society of America in ALl-STAR COMICS, no other comic book companies really ever set forth with their own teams of costumed crime-busters. There were a couple of one-off team-up stories here and there, but that was about it. This is one of those. … Continue reading Forgotten Masterpiece: PRIZE COMICS #24


Again, as with yesterday's book, I believe I picked up this issue of INVADERS on that same excursion to the Heroes World in Levittown with my grandparents. I wasn't really aware of it at the time, but the series had definitely reached its peak earlier, and now with the departure of artist Frank Robbins, it … Continue reading BHOC: INVADERS #31

Blah Blah Blog – Your Name is Frankenstein

A post from my Marvel blog of years gone by, this one re-presenting a classic story from 1953. As I've already done an entire separate write-up on this story elsewhere on this page, I'll simply direct you to rather that reposting the pages yet again here. Your Name is Frankenstein June 23, 2008 | … Continue reading Blah Blah Blog – Your Name is Frankenstein

Lee & Kirby & Ditko: The Development of INCREDIBLE HULK

From the vantage point of hindsight, we view the Hulk as a super hero, the second in a string of new creations unleashed in the earliest years of the 1960s on an unsuspecting public, the building blocks for what would become known as the Marvel Universe. But that's really an impression that has been colored … Continue reading Lee & Kirby & Ditko: The Development of INCREDIBLE HULK

Forgotten Masterpiece: MENACE #7

From time to time throughout the years, writer/editor Stan Lee would attempt to put a particular focus of quality on a given title, and try to make it stand out from the rest of the many offerings being published by Marvel, then Atlas. These efforts typically didn't last long, and one gets the impression that … Continue reading Forgotten Masterpiece: MENACE #7


As I think I've spoken about in the past, I came from a family of readers. Both my father and my mother would read books regularly, and it was this love of reading that helped make it acceptable and unquestioned that I had an interest in comic books--they understood that reading was reading. And so … Continue reading BHOC: THE COMIC-BOOK BOOK