Introducing “Comics” McCormick

The closest contender to Supersnipe for self-reflective comic book series of the Golden Age of Comics was the "Comics" McCormick feature, which ran for about half-a-dozen issues of TERRIFIC COMICS ("Loaded with Action!") beginning in 1944. "Comics" McCormick was the brainchild of Ed Wheelan, a former newspaper strip artist who had originated the Minute Movies … Continue reading Introducing “Comics” McCormick

The Last Human Torch Story

Here's the answer to a weird bit of Golden Age trivia: which two long-running super heroes debuted in 1939, had their last solo story in 1949, and featured the character's origin in both that first and last issue of their anthology titles? The answer is the Flash and the Human Torch. (Somebody will point to … Continue reading The Last Human Torch Story


I had seen it coming in ads previously, and so I was excited to get my hands on the FAMOUS 1ST EDITIONS Treasury Edition reprint of FLASH COMICS #1, the first appearance of my favorite super hero. This would be the last in this series, unfortunately (it would come back for a final gasp around … Continue reading BHOC: FLASH COMICS #1 FAMOUS 1st EDITION