It's been well covered over the years that in 1964, with sales flagging thanks to editor Jack Schiff clinging to an outdated approach to the character as the Silver Age blossomed, the reins of the Caped Crusader's two titles were handed over to editor Julie Schwartz, in the hopes that Schwartz, who'd had a lot … Continue reading WC: DETECTIVE COMICS #329


Boy, that’s an ugly cover. The idea is sound, but the anatomy is all over the place. And the Flash’s weird expression makes the whole thing look comical, and not in a good way. (There’s also a criminal escaping with a bag of money with a dollar sign on it, but I’m going to let … Continue reading BHOC: FLASH #252


There was a little smokes shop or candy store two or three doors down from the barber where I’d be sent to get my hair cut (”Tell him you want it styled”, my father would say to me, handing me a few bills to pay for everything.) that carried a tiny selection of comics. I’m … Continue reading BHOC: DETECTIVE COMICS #465


I missed the first issue of FOUR STAR SPECTACULAR, which is a shame, as it reprinted among other things a redrawn Golden Age Flash story. But I was there for when the second issue arrived at my 7-11–and while a Kid Flash story was maybe not as compelling as one featuring Jay Garrick, it was … Continue reading BHOC: FOUR STAR SPECTACULAR #2


Another month, another issue of BATMAN FAMILY. The lure of the oversized comic book packed with reprints was impossible for me to resist. This is a solid cover–that brown color is a somewhat odd choice, but it definitely makes all of the elements pop well. And the art image by Ernie Chua is crisp and … Continue reading BHOC: BATMAN FAMILY #4


I’m not 100% sure where this issue of DETECTIVE COMICS came from. I’m pretty confident that I didn’t purchase it. It may have been bought for my younger brother, which is the most likely explanation, or it may have been a book that I was traded at some point. In any case, it has an … Continue reading BHOC: DETECTIVE COMICS #456