I got this issue of DC SUPER-STARS while visiting my grandparents in Valley Stream, New York. They were weekly visitors to our home in Farmingville, making the hour drive up virtually every Saturday, but on occasion we would go out to meet them at the home they shared with my Aunt and Uncle--possibly for some … Continue reading BHOC: DC SUPER-STARS #17


The mailman brought my latest subscription copy of FLASH that contained big news! One of the first decisions made by new incoming publisher Jenette Kahn was to do away with the 8-times-a-year release model. It’s difficult to believe today, but for thirty years, even titles such as SUPERMAN and BATMAN didn’t come out more than … Continue reading BHOC: FLASH #247


THE NEW ORIGINAL WONDER WOMAN television series was regular viewing in my household. It was one of the very few representations of a comic book super hero on the screen, and while it was sometimes limited by its budgets and the crude special effects of the time, it made up for it through the appeal … Continue reading BHOC: WONDER WOMAN #228