My regular 7-11 still wasn't getting copies of THE FLASH, so I wound up keeping up with the title by running across them in other further-off locations, during family shopping trips and the like. And so, I came across this particular issue at a distant 7-11 that was across the street from the fast food … Continue reading BHOC: THE FLASH #267


While it was one of the longest-running titles in the DC stable, dating back to the very earliest years of the outfit’s publishing ventures, throughout the 1970s ADVENTURE COMICS felt very much like a series without a niche. When I first noticed it, it was starring the Spectre (and had temporarily added the word WEIRD … Continue reading BHOC: ADVENTURE COMICS #453


Picked this issue of SUPERMAN up at my trusty 7-11. It was the final chapter in a four-part epic that I remember really enjoying, though its age is showing a bit around the edges as i look back at it. The cover was a collaboration between Superman mainstay artist Curt Swan and industry powerhouse Neal … Continue reading BHOC: SUPERMAN #314


Another comic that was bought for my brother Ken, during a period in which he, influenced by me I expect, would want a comic when I got one rather than some candy or a small toy or whatnot. Here, it’s another solid issue of the Julie Schwartz-edited SUPERMAN title. It’s not a bad cover, though … Continue reading BHOC: SUPERMAN #303


And along came the month’s subscription copies! First up was JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #133, the first half of another experimental two-parter written by Gerry Conway in which the first half and the second half only vaguely related to one another. This whole sequence was really four issues long as this month’s story picks up … Continue reading BHOC: JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #133