Crisis II – Julie Schwartz’s Idea

As we've been talking about these past couple of weeks, CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS, the long-gestating DC 50th Anniversary project designed to streamline and tidy up their universe and their continuity was such an immediate and huge hit that plans were made even before the series had run its course to produce a sequel, a … Continue reading Crisis II – Julie Schwartz’s Idea

Crisis on Captive Earth

As we've spoken about over the past couple of weeks, given the overwhelming success of CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS, even before that series had run its course, DC Editorial had been soliciting concepts for a sequel series of the same sort. The development of this project went through a lot of gyrations and reversals of … Continue reading Crisis on Captive Earth

Crisis II – Roy Thomas’ Ideas

As we saw last week, even as CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS was getting under way in 1985, DC Comics' leadership realized that they had an enormous hit on their hands. And so, even though only the first issue or two had reached the stands, Executive Editor Dick Giordano solicited ideas from both his editorial staff … Continue reading Crisis II – Roy Thomas’ Ideas

Crisis on a Brave New Earth

It's no secret that DC found itself with an enormous hit on its hands in CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS, the anniversary limited series produced by Marv Wolfman and George Perez designed to restructure and streamline the DC continuity. It was that rare Event series that both left a lasting change upon the line in its … Continue reading Crisis on a Brave New Earth


Having had success with their FOCUS ON JOHN BYRNE volume dedicated to perhaps the most popular mainstream artist of the decade, Fantagraphics decided to follow up with a similar volume on one of the other hottest artists of the era, George Perez. At the time this volume saw print, George had garnered great acclaim for … Continue reading FOCUS ON GEORGE PEREZ


Showcasing more of the 1985 AMAZING HEROES Preview Special, which gave a rundown of what to expect in all of the comics slated to be published in the coming year. These issues in particular give an interesting look not only at what was being planned, but some insight into what the individual creators and editors … Continue reading AMAZING HEROES #62 1985 PREVIEW SPECIAL, M-S

Brand Echh: Charlton Bullseye #7

We've talked a bit here about CHARLTON BULLSEYE, Charlton's last gasp attempt at producing new content by soliciting work gratis from fans and would-be creators. Publication would be the only compensation that such hopefuls would receive--but undaunted, and sensing an opportunity to have their work distributed from coast to coast, the response was overwhelming. Honestly, … Continue reading Brand Echh: Charlton Bullseye #7

Brand Echh: Space Adventures #33

At the beginning of the Silver Age, super heroes were making a comeback. This trend would blossom into a full-on fad mid-decade thanks to the release of the BATMAN television show--positively everybody went super hero crazy there for a year or so. But even before that, there was a sense throughout the industry that costumed … Continue reading Brand Echh: Space Adventures #33


SECRET SOCIETY OF SUPER-VILLAINS was approaching its final days, not that that was known either to me or to the people who were producing it. It would become a casualty of the fabled "DC Implosion" in just a few short months. But for now, it was continuing to be published and it was still a … Continue reading BHOC: SECRET SOCIETY OF SUPER-VILLAINS #14