Brand Echh – Avengers Chronicles #4

The fourth issue of FantaCo's short-lived CHRONCILES series carried with it a new logo for the title--things were perhaps already growing dicey between the company and Marvel, whose output they were reviewing and indexing in these publications. And interview they had run in their FANTASTIC FOUR edition, #2, had earned them the ire of Marvel's … Continue reading Brand Echh – Avengers Chronicles #4

Brand Echh – Fantastic Four Chronicles #2

A short-lived publication from the early 1980s, FantaCo's CHRONICLES series of fanzines devoted each issue to a specific Marvel title (until their final annual, in which every comic book series published up to that time was reviewed.) These fanzines were pretty great, chock full of interesting information and articles as well as checklists and indexes--and … Continue reading Brand Echh – Fantastic Four Chronicles #2