Brand Echh – Charlton Bullseye #4

In the early 1980s at the beginning of the end of their tenure as a publishing house, Charlton came up with a way to produce a book more cheaply. They outsourced the creation of the content to fans and would-be professionals and paid not a penny--publication itself would be the only compensation these creators would … Continue reading Brand Echh – Charlton Bullseye #4


CHARLTON BULLSEYE #4 November, 1981 Charlton was pretty much indisputably the cheapest comic book publisher around for most of its life. It’s page rates were bottom of the barrel, its paper stock was crumbly and often poorly trimmed, and its printing was rough and unattractive. Charlton published comics all the way through the mid-80s, largely … Continue reading BHOC: CHARLTON BULLSEYE #4