Lost Crossovers: WOW COMICS #33

It was a relatively rare thing for the characters from one comic book or title to meet characters from another strip during the Golden age of Comics. Outside of the regular gatherings of the Justice Society of America in the pages of ALL-STAR COMICS, most heroes tended to remain in their own little worlds, battling … Continue reading Lost Crossovers: WOW COMICS #33

The First Subbie Story

KID KOMICS was a bit of a hybrid production of Timely Comics, at least at the start. Launched in 1943, it split its focus between super hero adventure strips like the cover-spotlighted Captain Wonder and comedy series such as the unfortunate Whitewash and Knuckles, starring two of the Young Allies. Eventually, within a few issues, … Continue reading The First Subbie Story

Brand Echh – Tod Holton, Super Green Beret #1

If there's ever an award given for the most tone-deaf comic book of the 1960s, then TOD HOLTON, SUPER GREEN BERET stands a pretty good chance of winning. It was published in the opening days of 1967 and attempted to introduce a new wartime super hero soldier character. Unfortunately for its creators, the war was … Continue reading Brand Echh – Tod Holton, Super Green Beret #1

Brand Echh – Spyman #1

This one really should have been the blockbuster that Stan Lee and Martin Goodman feared that Harvey was going to produce with Joe Simon heading up their attempt to jump onto the super hero bandwagon in 1966. Spyman was the brainchild of future Marvel superstar Jim Steranko. But apart from the odd spot illustration (such … Continue reading Brand Echh – Spyman #1