Here is another issue of SUPERMAN'S PAL JIMMY OLSEN that I got in my Windfall purchase of 1988, when I bought a long box of around 150 silver age comics for $50.00, the best lucky stroke I've ever encountered in terms of collecting vintage comic books. It seems strange to modern sensibilities that a character … Continue reading WC: SUPERMAN’S PAL JIMMY OLSEN #36


It came in a big cardboard mailer, the first comic book that I’d ever sent away for, and my first experience with the Treasury Edition format. This was the FAMOUS FIRST EDITION reprint of ACTION COMICS #1, the first appearance of Superman. Now, at this point I had only read something like half-a-dozen Superman comics … Continue reading BHOC: LIMITED COLLECTORS’ EDITION #C-26

Great Covers – MORE FUN COMICS #54

Probably the most iconic Spectre cover to grace MORE FUN COMICS in the golden age, this Bernard Baily piece communicates everything that you need to know about the implacable phantom. Here, he’s a hundred feet tall, striding through the wars and conflicts of men like a colossus, his mantled eyes sharp and even perhaps a … Continue reading Great Covers – MORE FUN COMICS #54