The Greatest Betty and Veronica Story Ever Told!

This unassuming issue of BETTY AND VERONICA from 1962 contains within its pages the greatest Betty and Veronica story ever produced! You literally do not need to read a single additional story after this one--it sums up the extremes of the relationships perfectly. A true lost classic! The Grand Comics Database credits this story to … Continue reading The Greatest Betty and Veronica Story Ever Told!

Brand Echh – The Crusaders #1

In the early 1980s, as the comic book Direct Market began to become a real sales force in the industry, the way was opened up for all sorts of new, smaller companies (and individuals) to publish their own comic books and potentially strike it rich. There was now a ready-made distribution network of specialty stores … Continue reading Brand Echh – The Crusaders #1

Making The Shield Into Captain America

Captain America was not the first patriotically-themed super hero to appear in comic books. That honor is reserved for The Shield, headliner of PEP COMICS for MLJ (eventually ARCHIE) who first appeared in the inaugural issue of that series, the creation of Harry Shorten and Irv Novick. Like most of the early super heroes, the … Continue reading Making The Shield Into Captain America

Brand Echh – Fly Man #38

Hey, it's been a while since we last dropped in on my favorite of the Archie/Mighty Comics heroes, the hen-pecked Web. So let's see what he's been up to. As with the previous installments--and, really, all of the various Mighty Comics releases--the story is a painful rip-off attempting to channel the Marvel style of the … Continue reading Brand Echh – Fly Man #38

Brand Echh – Fly Man #35

In their masterful two-issue summation of the WORLD'S WORST COMICS, James Schumeister and Rich Larson gave a particular adroit description of the books put out under the Mighty Comics banner. They said that it was as though Russian spies had smuggled out a copy of a Marvel book and had tried to reverse-engineer it. That … Continue reading Brand Echh – Fly Man #35

Great Covers – ARCHIE’S MADHOUSE #2

Pretty sure this ARCHIE’S MADHOUSE cover is by Harry Lucey, and it’s a bit more surreal than is typical of the Archie fare of its day–MADHOUSE being the title in which Archie went for surrealism. It’s a very simple idea, almost so simple that you wonder why it never happened before. The only misstep to … Continue reading Great Covers – ARCHIE’S MADHOUSE #2