Blah Blah Blog – Friday mop-up

A post from my old Marvel blog in which I touch on a variety of then-current issues as the week comes to an end.

Friday mop-up

April 28, 2007 | 1:00 AM | By Tom_Brevoort | In General

I didn’t get to cover as many blog topics this week as I had planned on–largely because of yesterday’s unexpected “Mister Fish” alert-level. So let me quickly bullet-point a couple of them here, before they get to be too out-of-date to do any good.

So far, reader Eric Sellers is the only person to scan and send me in one of the Bad Sketches I’ve done for fans at conventions–and the piece he sent wasn’t really a sketch at all, but my little cartoon-doodle signature head. Still, it’s better than nothing, so I’ve included it below. but if anybody else has one of these priceless gems they’d like to share, preferably of an actual comic book character, I’d truly welcome it.

I got an e-mail last week from Rob Liefeld, who’d been reading the series on “Bad Comics I Bought”, and felt like sharing some of his own early memories of buying comics, since he and I started reading the books at around the same time. Say what you will about Rob, love him or hate him, the guy has an earnest enthusiasm about the characters, the books and the industry that it’s just hard to beat. (For those of you who are interested in such things, Rob revealed that his first Marvel comic was FANTASTIC FOUR #147, which he found at a barber shop while getting his hair cut.)

As some of you may have seen, they just announced the panel schedule for the New York Comic Convention taking place in a couple of weeks. And, as we’ve done in the past (assuming we can actually make our way into the packed convention hall), we’ll be debuting the new 2007 edition of Prize or No-Prize on Sunday afternoon. I’ll be on hand to host the festivities, and if it’s anything like past years, it’ll be incredibly entertaining, whether it’s a well-oiled machine or a complete and total flop. So please, stop on by, show off your knowledge of useless Marvel trivia, and win semi-valuable, semi-rare, semi-exclusive semi-prizes!

Next week, inspired by a question from one of the blog posters, we’ll begin an exciting new five-part series: “My So-Called Career in Comics.”

And at the request of sulkin’ Stephen Wacker, today’s Art Avalanche focuses primarily on projects he’s working on. So let’s all share a little of the love with Steve.

More later.

Tom B

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