Comics Creators in the Wild 11

Another installment of our popular feature where we showcase vintage photographs of popular comic book creators from days gone by. This is sometimes known as “Stan Lee and friends” given how often Lee was photographed over the years.

Mark Gruenwald and Nel Yomtov at a convention in the late 1980s
Renee Witterstaetter at a party for Mark Gruenwald’s birthday in the Marvel offices, early 1990s. Steve Saffel and Sarra Mossoff can also be seen.
Another early 1990s Marvel office party. L-r: Glenn Greenberg, Tim Tuohy, Kelly Corvese, Renee Witterstaetter, Pat Garrahy, Mary MacPherran, Bobbie Chase, Tom DeFalco and others
Craig Anderson in his Marvel office, early 1990s
Mark Gruenwald and Mike Carlin, 1995 promotional photograph for MARVEL VS DC
Marie Severin, Marvel offices circa 1976
Ralph Macchio in his Marvel office circa 1982
Marvel publisher Mike Hobson and editor in chief Jim Shooter in the Marvel offices, circa 1982
Me, Tom Brevoort, with Mark Gruenwald’s ashes, 1997.
E. Nelson Bridwell, DC offices, circa 1978
Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, publicity photo, 1942
Stan Lee at home. 1950s
Jack Kirby at the Marvel offices, promotional photo, 1966
Stan Lee (left) at comic convention, circa 1966
Scott Edelman at the Marvel offices, circa 1976
Me, Tom Brevoort, and Jack Kirby, New York convention, 1990.
Stan Lee, Marvel offices, 1969
Jack Kirby, Marvelmania promotional photo, 1969 (I believe that’s Mark Evanier in the Red Skull mask)
Neal Adams, circa 1969
Steve Ditko, late 1940s
Me, Tom Brevoort, Marvel offices, 1996

5 thoughts on “Comics Creators in the Wild 11

  1. In the 2nd photo down, “Renee Witterstaetter at a party”, who is the man who’s face is barely in the shot? Roger Stern? Rom Brevoort, or Mark Gruenwald?


  2. In the promotional photo of Kirby in a suit coat, is he “working” on a Tales of Suspense with Iron Man cover? What issue is that? Do we know? I can’t make it out.


  3. The magazine on Ralph Macchio’s desk is the UK ( and not Marvel UK) published Warrior# 1, featuring Marvelman and V for Vendetta both by Alan Moore. In my humble opinion, the most important comic/ magazine of the 1980s.


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