Blah Blah Blog – Who’s The Best?

A post from my Marvel blog of years gone by in which I open up a discussion about who was the best super hero artist then currently working. This would be a different list today.

Who’s the Best?

April 24, 2009 | 1:00 AM | By Tom_Brevoort | In General

A very simple question for discussion today: who is currently the best comic book artist working today? Who’s the guy who can get you to take a look at almost anything because he’s so skillful at what he does? The guy who’s got the whole package of storytelling chops, energy and excitement, and a beautiful finish?

A couple names come immediately to mind as I think about this today (and, in fairness, two days from now this list would likely look somewhat different, as there are so many talented people working in our industry.) John Romita Jr remains the gold standard against which all are measured. David Finch can’t draw a boring-looking comic book page. And Olivier Coipel has such life and spark and energy to his work.

But right this second, I’m feeling like it may be Jim Cheung, who’s often overlooked because he’s tended to jump around from one project to the next. His AVENGERS Free Comic Book Day book is astoundingly gorgeous, and he sent some pages in this past week from the secret project he’s been working on with Allan Heinberg, and they’re simply stellar!

So let’s toss it out to all of you. You only get one pick. Right this moment, who’s the best?

More later.

Tom B

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