Blah Blah Blog – Reader Questions 1

A posting from my deadly departed blog of the past decade, in which I answer some questions posed by the audience.

Reader Questions 1

July 28, 2008 | 1:00 AM | By Tom_Brevoort | In General

All right, you asked and I’ll answer. Here are your questions:

>Hey Tom,
Thanks for doing this again.

Has Garth Ennis got any post Punisher (not including the Limited Series that was announced at San Diego) Marvel work lined up?

Posted by cjmcaree on 2008-07-26 13:42:47>

Sorry, but this is very much a “wait and see” sort of question. If Garth does have other things in the pipeline, we’ll want to announce those project when the time is most advantageous. The one thing I can say is that Garth’s had a pretty steady, stable home at Marvel over the last couple of years, so I would tend to believe he’ll be around for some time to come.

>I have a question about the forthcoming AGE OF SENTRY mini series. Are we going to see any of the following:

Jewel (Jessica Jones)
Sentry (the Kree character)
Punisher (Frank Castle)
Punisher (the Galactus character)

Posted by Fetsur on 2008-07-26 14:10:11>

I honestly don’t know—Mark Paniccia is editing the AGE OF THE SENTRY series, and I haven’t seen anything much on it yet. So I called up Mark’s number two man Nate Cosby, who sputtered that he doesn’t work on that book, and passed me over to Assistant Editor Jordan White. Jordan, thankfully, was able to confirm that none of the four characters you listed will be making an appearance in AGE OF THE SENTRY. Well, at least until Jeff Parker reads this blog entry…

>Will there ever be new Marvel Comics from Adam Warren, or have the poor sales of his comics turned him off?

Posted by MoriartyL on 2008-07-26 15:50:09>

As with many other folks, these things tend to go in ebbs and flows. Adam did a bunch of stuff here over the last few years, but now he’s moved onto other projects. But I imagine he’d still be open to doing something if somebody from Marvel had a project to offer—and the door would be open if Adam had an idea he wanted to pitch.

> There has been a lot of controversy about BND and even now many of the former Spider-Man fans are still upset about Spider-Man becoming single, and some even allege that Marvel doesn’t care about/respect its fans. Are there any plans for re-uniting Spider-Man with MJ as a married couple?

Posted by Aziroth on 2008-07-26 16:01:03>

This question was vetoed, but I get to make the rules, so I’m going to answer it anyway.

No, there are no plans. That was kind of the whole point.

I think we care about and respect our fans a great deal, but that doesn’t extend to doing everything any of them wants. We’ve been over the argument for why an unmarried Spider-Man is a much more vital character than a married Spider-Man, and how the marriage itself started as a circulation-boosting stunt for the newspaper strip that got out of hand.

We didn’t go to all of the effort and brace to deal with all of the agita simply to cave in and reverse ourselves because some fans are upset. This is a long-term game we’re playing here, and everybody agrees that an unmarried Spider-Man will be much more vital over a much greater period than a married one. We knew there’d be people upset in the short term—but we’re also taking the long term into account.

Now, you never know what might happen in the future. But given that Joe Quesada has no intention of ever reversing this, Dan Buckley has no intention of ever reversing this, I have no intention of ever reversing this, the Marvel West guys are completely supportive of this decision, and upper management is very happy with it, if you’re waiting for a turn-around, you’d better settle in for a long wait.

Guys, like it or hate it, this is the world now. Sorry.

More Reader Questions tomorrow.

Tom B

5 thoughts on “Blah Blah Blog – Reader Questions 1

      1. I know plenty of dumb guys in good shape, with nice teeth, & a full head of hair that married smart, beautiful women. 😆 Is the White Rabbit still around @ Marvel? I thought she moved to DC’s Bat-books 10 years ago. 😉


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