The Truth About Comic Books

Here is an interesting oddity: a pamphlet created around 1953 extoling the hazards presented to the youth of America by the scourge of comic books. This sort of propaganda added fuel to the fire being espoused by folks like Dr. Frederick Wertham, and led over time to the televised Senate Subcommittee Hearings on Juvenile Delinquency, at which comic books were put forward as a leading cause, and ultimately the creation of the Comics Code Authority, which sanitized the medium for a generation at least. Copyright information is scant, but it was written by Ruth I Johnson, who would write several devotional books, articles and features, including the Joy Sparton series of Christian books for young readers.

7 thoughts on “The Truth About Comic Books

  1. Dang. Not where I thought this was going after reading the title. I feel so unsatisfied… 90 million comicbooks sold each month? Wow, wouldn’t that be amazing today.


  2. From Earth 2…

    1954: Psychiatrist Dr. F. Wertham recently interviewed 100 juvenile delinquents. Each one admitted they ate pickles. Therefore, Dr. Wertham has confirmed that pickles cause juvenile delinquency.


  3. The thought occurs: Just imagine what she might have said if they’d had mobiles and social media in those days. Comics would have appeared positively wholesome!


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