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A post from my now-defunct Marvel blog concerning a food that brought Marvel and DC staff members together.

Bite This.

May 21, 2008 | 1:00 AM | By Tom_Brevoort | In General

The most important thing to come out of all of the Marvel/DC Crossovers wasn’t a character or a story—it was a foodstuff.

During one of our many meetings uptown, Mike Carlin took me for lunch over at the Manhattan Chili Company, which then had a restaurant right across the street from the DC offices. They made a damn fine bowl of chili, but the real attraction was their signature appetizer, Hot Honey Bites.

A few months later, having heard my many tales of their goodness, Joe Quesada gave me a gift certificate to the Manhattan Chili Company one Christmas. This then led to the regular event known in these parts as “Chili Mondays.” The first Monday of every month, a select crew of Marvelites would trek across town to the local Chili Company location and chow down on some Honey Bites. We made an event out of it, working our way through the entire menu by ordering the next three chilis in sequence, then voting on them. At the end, we did a victory lap of the three best chilis the outfit made.

Some months ago, the Manhattan Chili Company closed their doors, seemingly forever. Chili Monday was no more.

But just a couple of weeks back, I discovered that there was a branch of the operation set up in Grand Central Station. And—and this was the important part—Marvel was within its delivery radius. So once again, we’re now Chili-positive.

(Don’t feel too bad for Mike Carlin, though. While the Chili Company situated outside the DC offices also closed its doors, DC is also within the strike radius for the Grand Central store—and I made it a point to send him over a bunch of Honey Bites the last time we placed a big order.)

More later. Maybe even about comics.

Tom B

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