Marvel Comix: Rolling Stone (UK edition) October 18, 1969

It’s relatively commonly known that rock newspaper Rolling Stone did a big cover story on the Marvel Comics phenomenon in 1972, emblazoning a Herb Trimpe Hulk on the cover of the magazine. What is less known (and I didn’t realize this myself until just recently) is that the United Kingdom version of Rolling Stone ran a similar Marvel covers story three years earlier, in their October 18, 1969 issue.

The piece was written by Anthony Haden-Guest, who would go on to write a number of books (and who is the brother of actor Christopher Guest). He was clearly a Marvel true believer during this period, even as he tried to maintain an ironic distance from the material. It’s kind of fun to see him seek out Marvel to find out why the DOCTOR STRANGE comic had been discontinued. (Doc, of course, would come back, and today he’s a matinee idol.) It makes for an interesting snapshot of where Marvel was at a relatively key transition point: Jack Kirby would announce his resignation from the company only a few months after this saw print.

3 thoughts on “Marvel Comix: Rolling Stone (UK edition) October 18, 1969

  1. As soon as I saw the cover blurb: “THE DEATH OF DOCTOR STRANGE “, I first thought it might be a very recent issue (because Doc is dying… yet again) and that this might be some sort of variant cover or whatnot.

    But then, I saw the publication date, and your first few lines, and realized it was authentic.
    So I then IMMEDIATELY sourced a copy and clicked “add to cart”.

    Odd, (Strange, even,) that with a cover headline, and so much attention given to the demise of DoctorStrange, and his general impact on the (counter) culture, that not one image of the Mystic is presented.
    Sure, the LIVING TRIBUNAL gets a head shot (or a head/head/head shot as it were), but no actual images (of Ikonn or otherwise) of Doctor Strange himself.

    Thank you for sharing this and bringing this to my attention!

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