Great Covers: Marvel Around The World 7

Because I just don’t get tired of them, here’s another assortment of Marvel stories printed in countries around the globe and localized in terms of language and content.

Let’s start with another Golden Age issue of Guri from Brazil. As was the style at the time, both Captain America and Bucky seem to have forgotten to wear pants that day.

A weirdly (and stiffly) painted FANTASTIC FOUR cover

I’m not certain that this book reprints a Marvel story at all. But based on the cover, it looks like somebody put Thor, Batman and Robin and possibly T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agent Raven into a blender and pressed puree.

This BRUTAL cover features not only Spider-Man but a number of players from the DC Universe as well. I’m guessing that the series pulled material from whatever they could lay their hands on.

Lamaut, the local Indonesian Spider-Man knock-off character, vs. Kazzan Jr.

This John Buscema AVENGERS cover was rendered in blurry, sketchy fashion as a full painting for this edition of OS VINGADORES.

Here, Loki is so excited over his prospective victory over his half-brother that he too has only half-dressed for the adventure.

Decades ahead of the curve, this Diamond comics edition of Spider-Man predicts the eventual coming of the Red Hulk.

This is a wonderfully weird cover for this 1972 O HOMEM ARANHA Annual.

Thor seems to be constantly accosted by half-clad opponents. Here the Super-Skrull has lost his distinctive and beautiful green Skrullian complexion, with looks pretty durned strange.

It’s apparent that on this OS VINGADORES cover, Iron man was colored following the scheme for his later armor. But Ant-Man and the Wasp are a bit of a mystery. They tended to receive a broad range of color schemes, since they weren’t as recognizable overseas.

Some more strange coloring on this X-MEN issue, but at least they were smart enough to remove the backwards number from the Sentinel’s torso, which is more than can be said for the original American printing.

KOLOSS is a great name! I may steal it!

A pair of X-MEN reprint digests from the United Kingdom. What’s fun here is that the Mimic has been given the same color scheme as the X-Men from whom he’s copying his powers.

One of the many Alan Class reprints of American comics that were prevalent in the 1960s and 1970s. They would reprint different subject matter haphazardly from issue to issue.

Some more fun Golden Age coloring for Capitao America and Buck!

Some more weird, almost random X-MEN coloring. Once again, the name Jaganata is pretty great.

Another bizarre Spider-Man cover painting.

Tough to tell on this GIBI MENSAL cover whether the Human Torch is trying to help Namor or is simply adding to his problems.

And what better way could there be to end this installment than with a rousing cry of GLAARR!?

3 thoughts on “Great Covers: Marvel Around The World 7

  1. >> As was the style at the time, both Captain America and Bucky seem to have forgotten to wear pants that day.>>

    Hey, it gets hot in Brazil.

    >> A weirdly (and stiffly) painted FANTASTIC FOUR cover.>>

    Freely adapted from the Rich Buckler cover of FANTASTIC FOUR 151.


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