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An entry from my Marvel blog of times past, this one a bit of a goof concerning a note that writer Daniel Way had sent me. The gag, of course, is that he wrote the issue of WOLVERINE: ORIGINS in question.

Today’s No-Prize

April 28, 2007 | 1:00 AM | By Tom_Brevoort | In General

Today’s No-Prize winner is Daniel Way, who sent me the following e-mail this morning:

Hi, Tom –

I’d like to put in my bid for a No-Prize. In Wolverine: Origins #19, Logan makes the following comment: “‘Course, that play never would’a made it into the book…if the Trojans’d only sent in one guy.”

The Greeks sent the Horse, not the Trojans.

My address is: ADDRESS WITHHELD, BECAUSE I’M NOT THAT MEAN. When can I expect my No-Prize?


And when I sent Daniel his No-Prize via e-mail, and told him I’d be reporting this up on the blog, he replied:


Blog away, my friend! If you print my address, could you please just change “116” to “114”? My neighbor is a total *******.


More later.

Tom B

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