TBTV: The Philosophy of Editing Comics, Part One

Posted an all-new video over on the YouTube Channel, the first of a series concerning the ins and outs of being a mainstream comic book editor.

4 thoughts on “TBTV: The Philosophy of Editing Comics, Part One

  1. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for doing a series like this! The roles and responsibilities of the editor are so nebulous to me as a reader and I see so much hate online around “editorially-driven comics” it does make curious about how much of any given story is a result of writer vs editor.

    I hope there will be room in the series to talk about what skills and aptitudes make for good editors, how the role of editor has changed through the years, and how the role of editor is different for creator-owned properties.

    This is so fascinating. Thanks again!


  2. Great video! Really loved hearing your and others’ “tag lines” for what an editor is or does. I actually have one of my own: A GOOD EDITOR HELPS YOU DO BETTER WORK THAN YOU THOUGHT YOU COULD DO. Meaning: They understand your strengths and weaknesses— possibly better than you do yourself— and offer suggestions that play up those strengths and avoid (or help fix/improve) those weaknesses. A good editor pushes you in the direction you want to go in anyway. They help you achieve your goals better than you could on your own.

    I’ve been doing primarily creator-owned work the last few years, and I think overall it’s coming out pretty well. But you know what? I just hired an editor, because I want to be BETTER. I want someone who won’t let me settle for good enough, who will call me on my bullshit and force me to take the next step, however scary that might be.

    Just about every editor I’ve worked with over the years (decades!) has been good, or at least good enough. There are only 2 people I’ve worked with whom I’d consider Great Editors: Mike Carlin and Tom Brevoort.


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