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A post from my decade-old Marvel blog in which I inaugurate the first and only year of the Golden Loeb Awards. Sadly, I no longer have the image of the trophy.

The People’s Award

April 28, 2007 | 1:00 AM | By Tom_Brevoort | In General

Back in the office for a brief moment after our big Spidey Summit, which went swimmingly. I’ll no doubt tell you more over the next few days and weeks about chatting with Bob Gale about Eric Stoltz’s role in BACK TO THE FUTURE, as well as Bob’s audience-participation film MISTER PAYBACK. But as has too-often been the case this past week, I’m too shot to write up a real blog entry today.

But there is one item that simply cannot wait.

Like many of you, I’m dealing with the fallout of the writer’s guild strike. I support the position of the writers in terms of their compensation, and hope that they can reach an equitable deal and return to work in short order. But among the casualties of the strike was the Golden Globe Awards, the production cancelled for this year.

Such a vacuum cannot be allowed to stand.

So I’m proposing we give out our own presentations, for assorted categories pertaining to comics. The Golden Globes are typically referred to as the People’s Awards, the awards most likely to recognize a popular work, and not turn a blind eye towards it simply because it did good business and was popular. And when it comes to doing good numbers in the comic book world, I can think of no better representative than HEROES’ own Jeph Loeb.

That’s right, I am announcing THE GOLDEN LOEB AWARDS.

Here’s how it works: everybody reading this blog is welcome to suggest categories and nominees in the response area below. In a week’s time, I’ll winnow the field down to a final list, post it here, and we’ll open it up to a vote. Nominees are open to work published during the previous year, 2007.

Please note: Jeph Loeb himself is not prohibited from being a winner in the Golden Loeb Awards simply because our prized trophy (provided by Nick Lowe and Molly Lazer) looks very much like him.

And please, let’s avoid making this yet another endless attempt for people to be snarky. I’m looking for genuine work people genuinely liked in 2007–I don’t need to read another post about how you’re all still mad about “One More Day” or ULTIMATES 3 or whatever. There are plenty of places for that, even on this very blog–but this entry isn’t one of them.

Let the nominating begin!

Tom B

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