Great Covers: Marvel Around The World 3

It’s more of the same from the prior two postings in this category–international covers for reprinted Marvel stories across the globe. So let’s see what we have to look at this time.

This cover from Mexico was the subject of a lot of internet speculation a year or so ago–but the story just isn’t 100% true. While it is accurate that the Mexican publisher of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN did begin to commission new stories to stave off having to publish the Death of Gwen Stacy (an event that the editor himself disagreed with and thought would ruin the web-slinger’s popularity for his audience) he didn’t actually produce a story in which Peter and Gwen were married. It’s all an illusory scenario.

I love weird stuff like this. This publisher used the title and logo of DC’s ECLIPSO but reprinted Marvel’s Man-Thing stories in its pages. Overseas, these kinds of crossing of the streams happened often.

The Brazilian comics magazine Guri published work by a number of golden age publishers during the 1940s, all mixed and matched, including a bunch of Timely stuff. This particular cover, featuring the Young Allies, is noteworthy to me because the miscoloring makes it seem as though Bucky has lost his pants.

Similarly, on this issue, Captain America has lost his leggings.

There are also some great color choices on this home-grown Brazilian cover for an X-MEN reprint. The X-Men themselves have been colored with the color schemes of their later individual costumes, and the Avengers are just made up whole cloth–leading to an Iron Man colored like iron and a weird orange Giant-Man. I like the fact that Thor is twirling his hammer and Giant-Man seems to be mocking him by twirling the Wasp in the exact same way.

This QUARTETO FANTASTICO cover is arguably superior to the original. The coloring here is truly beautiful.

Some unfortunate coloring on this PATRULLA-X cover. Seems like nobody got the memo that Storm was meant to be black, and they appear to have colored Colossus as though he was the Sub-Mariner in his 1970s costume. Nightcrawler’s yellow hair is weird as well. This one’s a marvel of awfulness.

Here’s a funny adaptation of a STRANGE TALES cover for the British weekly POW! The paper wasn’t reprinting Doctor Strange, so they took his figure out and replaced it with a Steve Ditko Spider-Man adapted for this purpose. This was originally an odd, makeshift cover, but this alteration makes it more so.

Here’s a pair of home-grown covers for the first issues of SGT FURY and AVENGERS as published in Australia, I believe. No idea who the artist was, but he’s taking his cues from interior panels by Jack Kirby.

I kind of love that this reprinting of the first appearance of Groot carries the warning that it is “Para Adultos”

I’m also very taken with the fact that, in France, Nick Fury works for S.E.R.V.O.

And, because turnabout is fair play, here’s Namor colored as though he were Colossus. And it looks as though Wong mixed Doctor Strange’s colors in the wash again.

I’ve got dozens more examples like this, so I’ll try not to have it be so long between future installments.

3 thoughts on “Great Covers: Marvel Around The World 3

  1. Back in the seventies brazilian publisher BLOCH made some weird changes in colors, like this Doctor Doom in yellow armor and pink cowl ( and a red & blue Iron Fist ( Lots of changes also in Thor (, Spider-Man ( and Daredevil (


  2. I love these reprint covers from other countries. I’ve spent countless hours trying to find them for the Grand Comics Database ( I just wish I could find out who the artists where.


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