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Back between the years 2007 and 2010, I wrote a regular blog for, titles BLAH BLAH BLOG. I was by far the most conscientious blogger among my colleagues, posting in excess of 600 entries as compared to the 30 or so that others did. Sadly, those posts all disappeared during one of the many overhauls of

Fortunately, I was forward-looking enough to have saved some of those original blog posts. Not all of them are worth preserving–they were often very much linked to the events of the day. But looking over them again, there are a number that contain information that I think would still be relevant to people. And so I thought I’d start posting some of the better entries here for posterity.

It’s worth noting that none of the images associated with these entries survived, so any images that wind up illustrating these posts today will be new recreations or substitutions. I also won’t bother with well-remembered-but-time-specific subjects such as when I traded my way to a copy of FANTASTIC FOUR #1 to benefit the Hero Initiative. But hopefully, there’ll be some insight into the way comics are (or were) made and some behind-the-scenes observations that still have merit.

Here’s the very first BLAH BLAH BLOG post from 2007, as I swipe the cadence of Russell T. Davies initial DOCTOR WHO revival teaser:

First Entry

April 28, 2007 | 1:00 AM | By Tom_Brevoort | In General

Do you want to have a look over here?

Over the threshold and behind the curtain, back to where we puree thought, inspiration, pain, anger, fear, sweat, loneliness, terror, ego, primary colors and childhood dreams into serial entertainment every thirty days?

Not editors. Editors wear suits and ties and eat bean soup and talk about adjectives. Mechanics. Comic Book Mechanics, elbows-up in the grease and the slime of storytelling, forcing the engine to turn over, making it all run, getting it to the starting line—never mind the finish line. Twenty titles a month, twelve months a year.

Stream of consciousness. No proofreading, no time for second thoughts. Fast. Disposable. Just bits of art and script and lettering and coloring. Maybe some staples, if we can get the technical glitches worked out. Whatever’s at hand. Whatever presents itself.

Five days a week, Monday through Friday, so long as I’m in the office. It won’t be clean. It won’t be fun. It mostly won’t be coherent.

Do you want to have a look over here?

“Cause if you do, I should warn you: you’ll never look at the world of comics quite the same way again.

Tom B

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