AVENGERS v.3 #22
October, 1999

AVENGERS #22, the conclusion of the “Ultron Unlimited” story arc, is, in my opinion, the single most successful issue of AVENGERS we’ve published since the relaunch. Everything seemed to be firing on all cylinders in this one. From the striking cover (the monochromatic red color scheme was suggested by former marvel editor Ruben Diaz) to the spectacular double-page spread of the team in battle with literally more than a hundred Ultrons, all the way to the final panel, all of the elements seemed to fall into place. I knew we had a winner when I was editing the script–a time during which I’m usually more skeptical. 

Readers seemed to like it as well–and the Avengers’ entrance on page 15 was voted best moment of the year by the readers of WIZARD.

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