January, 1982

CAPTAIN VICTORY #2 is noteworthy for containing the only fan letter I ever had published–and, inevitably, they spelled my name wrong. It’s also evidence of how, as I moved into the 1980s, I began to explore the burgeoning independent comics market. 

I was fortunate in that a comic shop–PORT COMICS AND COLLECTIBLES in Medford, Long Island (which is still there, by the way, just under different management)–opened up within biking distance of my house around 1980. This gave me easy access to affordable back issues as well as the “direct sales only” comics of the time. 

I greeted CAPTAIN VICTORY with enthusiasm–my fan letter proclaimed the first issue to have been superior to NEW TEEN TITANS #13, X-MEN #151 and X-MEN ANNUAL #5, all of which had come out the same day

2014 Note: Port Comics is now long gone.

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