November, 1978

One of the supreme frustrations of collecting comics back in the 70s was the fact that you could never be sure that you’d be able to get every successive issue of a given title. I was a major, major Fantastic Four fan by the time #200 was to be released, and I haunted my local 7-11 waiting for it. Imagine my horror when #201 eventually showed up. (I suspect a whole week’s shipment failed to appear, since I also missed X-MEN #115 at the exact same time.) FF #200 remained a “holy grail” for me for almost a year before I was able to fill in the hole.

Many people have said unflattering things about Marv Wolfman’s tenure as the writer of FANTASTIC FOUR, including Marv himself. But I liked it, at any rate. And I thought Marv did a fine job on this big anniversary issue, with its climactic conflict between Reed and Doctor Doom (though not so climactic that there wouldn’t be another one in a year or two…) FF #200 also features strong if undistinguished artwork by Keith Pollard and Joe Sinnott, and the last cover Jack Kirby ever did for the magazine.

So the heck with all of you nay-sayers!

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