THOR #272
June, 1978

THOR looked like a barbarian comic book to my young eyes, and I had no interest in barbarian comic books, being purely a super hero man. So it took awhile before I tried an issue compared to the other Marvel titles of the day.

This was a fine story by Roy Thomas, John Buscema and Tom Palmer, a retelling of one of the original Norse myths concerning Thor, who himself relates it to a collection of street kids. I had read the original story in English class earlier, but it was far more interesting here (in part, no doubt, because of the beautiful artwork.)

I never became a major THOR fan, but I followed the series semi-regularly. Routinely I’d drop it for a month, then pick it up again a month later, with both issues still on the racks.

It took Jack Kirby reprints to make a believer out of me where Thor was concerned

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