HULK #219
January, 1978

I didn’t buy this issue of HULK–my brother Ken did, as he did the next couple. I inherited the books from him at some point thereafter, as he drifted away from the series. 

I wasn’t a big fan of the Hulk. I found the concept, frankly, too limiting. The same cycle of events–Hulk is chased by military, Hulk get embroiled in super-villain’s schemes, Hulk moves from place to place–seemed to recur with inevitable regularity. And the Hulk himself just wasn’t interesting to me. I had no desire to be a super-strong, child-like monster, so I really couldn’t relate.

That said, this issue and the ones that followed it are actually pretty good. They’re among the earliest comics Roger Stern wrote, and they’re blessed by solid storytelling by Sal Buscema, inked with a strong hand by Ernie Chan, who gave the final artwork a nice European flavor

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