The First and Last of Herbie

Herbie Popnecker was introduced in a short one-off story that originally saw print in FORBIDDEN WORLDS #73. It was intended as a throwaway tale, one more short strange adventure to fill the pages of the anthology series. But the story and the character proved popular with readers, and creator Richard Hughes subsequently brought him back … Continue reading The First and Last of Herbie


Back at that same far-off stationary store maybe a week later to pick up whatever we had ordered for Cub Scouting, I came across this beauty, which never showed up at my regular 7-11. I’d seen the ads and so I was primed to read it. But to start with, boy, what an ugly mess … Continue reading BHOC: SUPER HEROES BATTLE SUPER-GORILLAS #1


This was the beginning of the last gasp of regular DC reprint books, which would be phased out over the course of the next year or two as incoming new publisher Jenette Khan focused the company’s fortunes on new material. But this issue of DC SPECIAL was nonetheless a beloved read, filled with three stories, … Continue reading BHOC: DC SPECIAL #18


Man, that’s a beautiful cover. It’s a painting of Superman, done in the early 1940s, which hung in the DC offices for years–this was its first actual printing. I bought this Treasury Edition at that regular old 7-11 again, and it’s a pretty good collection of stories. It opens with an extremely early Superman story, … Continue reading BHOC: LIMITED COLLECTORS’ EDITION #C-31


Not a whole lot of memories of this one at all. A 7-11 purchase I’d guess, and another 100-Page Spectacular, a format I liked. But really, very little of it has stayed with me, apart from the fact that I owned it.  The lead story is a really beautifully drawn clash between Superman and one … Continue reading BHOC: SUPERMAN #278

Great Covers – LOIS LANE #63

A terrific concept cover–too bad the story that goes with it is so mediocre–by Kurt Schaffenberger for LOIS LANE #63 (with some revisions to the Clark/Superman figure by Wayne Boring, it looks like.) This one’s all about the promise of the story. But that yellow background is like a beacon, and Superman’s primary colors aren’t … Continue reading Great Covers – LOIS LANE #63