SUPER-TEAM FAMILY was becoming a regular purchase, a cool grab-bag of classic reprints every issue with no particular rhyme or reason save for a loose adherence to the concept of team-ups. I say loose because a World’s Finest story with Superman, Batman and Robin wasn’t difficult to come by, nor was a Marvel Family tale … Continue reading BHOC: SUPER-TEAM FAMILY #6


Direct from the 7-11 came this next issue of SUPER-TEAM FAMILY, a giant-sized reprint series that was very much my meat during my early collecting days. Every issue featured team-up stories between different heroes, so here we get Batman and Eclipso and Superman and Superboy, all wrapped up in a fairly uninspired cover by Ernie … Continue reading BHOC: SUPER-TEAM FAMILY #5


New DC titles quite often had spotty or no distribution in my area, at least as far as my regular 7-11 was concerned, so there were several books over teh years that I became aware of in ads but never saw until much later. SUPER-TEAM FAMILY was one of those. The first issue’s cover had … Continue reading BHOC: SUPER-TEAM FAMILY #4


SUPER-TEAM FAMILY #7 November, 1976 SUPER-TEAM FAMILY was one of a bevy of DC reprint comics of the 70s–one of the best ones, under the stewardship of editor E. Nelson Bridwell. Bridwell’s encyclopedic knowledge of DC’s back-catalog made any reprint collection he assembled a treasure-trove of obscure and terrific stories. STF was no exception. The … Continue reading BHOCOS: SUPER-TEAM FAMILY #7