Brand Echh: E-Man #6

E-MAN was a short-lived but well-remembered (and often revived) Charlton title of the early 1970s, representing a last gasp on the part of that firm to establish a presence in the super hero marketplace. E-Man was a bit of a throwback character, crafted in the mold of Plastic Man or Captain Marvel. A super hero … Continue reading Brand Echh: E-Man #6

Brand Echh – E-Man #2

In 1973, Charlton took one last late stab in getting a foothold into the super hero market with the publication of E-MAN, a light-hearted and whimsical super hero series about an energy being birthed in a star who came to Earth and became a costumed adventurer. It was a fun title and well-remembered, but it … Continue reading Brand Echh – E-Man #2


Another book that came from one of those Two Guys Modern Comics 3-Bags, this was an earlier issue of E-MAN than the one I’d read previously. To recap, Modern Comics were produced in 1977 as three comics in a plastic bag for $1.05 (or often a dollar) reprinted and repurposed from the Charlton back catalog. … Continue reading BHOC: E-MAN #2