Great Covers – AIRBOY v6 #6

This is a pretty great cover to AIRBOY v6 #6, 1949(the AIRBOY series ran in volumes, restarting every year, rather than continuous numbers.) It’s a story cover, and it does a pretty good job of making the viewer curious as to what the deal is with that flower that one man will give anything to possess it, and the woman is deathly afraid of it.

The green background cover makes the image pop–it’s not a color you see on a lot of covers, and the reds, yellows and blues of Airboy himself stand out nicely from it. Ditto the two huge yellow word balloons. Airboy is also the only element on the cover done in primary colors, so your eye goes right to him.

According to the Grand Comics Database, this cover was done by Ernest Schroeder, who drew AIRBOY for several years.

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