December, 1999

Despite Bruce Timm’s recent misgivings about his own work in AVENGERS #1 ½ –misgivings that I don’t feel are truly warranted–it was one of the most successful end products I’ve ever been associated with, accurately capturing the look and the feel of a genuine 1963 comic book (with the exception of the anti-drug insert that got placed in the book due to a printer’s error–sometimes things go wrong despite your best efforts.)

Beyond the vintage-flavored story, we duplicated the style of a 60s letters page (with letters written by current pros associated with the Avengers in some way) and even the ads. Assistant editor Gregg Schigiel, who did a lot of the legwork on this issue, deserves special credit for extemporaneously turning an actual 1963 advertisement into a biting parody for the inside back cover in jig time. And since AVENGERS had been bimonthly for its first six issues, we were even able to make sure it got an unused cover month.

Unfortunately, we discovered once the book shipped that we’d done too good of a job, and that many of the retailers thought it was a reprint, and ordered it lightly.

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